Guaranteeing Performance And Reliability - Advantages Of OEM Parts In Rebuilt Diesel Engines

Posted on: 4 January 2016

If your diesel engine begins to show signs of age or fails entirely, rebuilding it is often a more efficient and effective solution than shelling out the necessary cash for a full replacement. When selecting the proper replacement components, however, it's vital that you're able to trust that your repair firm has access to genuine parts that will perform at the necessary levels to satisfy your needs.

Many locations will have a commitment to using only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and that commitment has several distinct advantages. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those advantages, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing you've made the correct selection for all of your diesel engine rebuild needs.

Guaranteed Fit

Most diesel engines operate under the most extreme circumstances of any engine in the field. This can involve high temperatures, irregular vibrations, and other rough treatment that risks damaging components which aren't smoothly and completely secured in their proper place in the engine block.

OEM parts can be directly integrated into your engine and properly secured in a way that's certain to avoid any risk of failure due to contact damage from other parts. They also are guaranteed to fit more securely and react correctly to engine lubricant, as their sole purpose is to be integrated into a system identical to yours.

Warranty Protection

Rebuilding your diesel engine is an investment in your equipment for the future, and it's important that that investment is respected and protected whenever possible. While aftermarket parts may be somewhat less expensive on the front end, their lack of reliability can compound your cost several times on the back end, leaving you struggling to stay above water with functioning equipment.

The financial benefits of having a reliable warranty cannot be overstated, and those benefits are best guaranteed through the installation of OEM parts. Securing warranty protection provides you with the confidence you need to proceed with putting more money into your engine for the future.


Ultimately, perhaps the most important trait of OEM parts is that their origin and materials composition are not in doubt. Aftermarket parts often run the risk of being comprised of lower quality metal that may be brittle and vulnerable to heat damage, and if you're going to invest in overhauling your engine, it's essential that you can guarantee it will perform when the stakes are highest. Durable and strong OEM parts provide you the best chance of securing the performance that you require.

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