Multi-Use Solar Panels: 4 Ways To Use Solar Panel Installations For Different Elements Of Your Home

Posted on: 19 December 2016

For a majority of home owners, the roof is the best way to install solar panels and get the best power options. If you're looking for another location or a way to add extra solar panels to your home, then you can may consider installing multi-use solar panel installations. These structural solar panels will not only provide extra power, but they can serve as great options for expanding the outside use of your home. Learn about these different options and ways that they can be installed on your property. Once you understand the variety of options, you can choose one or more of these options for your solar panel installation.

Car Ports

Add a protective area over your driveway that also helps produce power for your home. A car port provides you with a large overhang that cars can be parked under. The whole roof of a car port can be lined with solar panels that capture a lot of power throughout the day. Solar panels have the ability to withstand all types of weather. This means that when it rains or snows, your vehicle will remain protected, and the solar panels will still have the ability to collect power as needed.

Another advantage that comes with car ports is if you own an electric car. These vehicles have home charging ports that can be directly connected to the solar power. This allows you to fully charge your vehicle without the need for consuming electricity off of the grid. You can feel good about you clean energy and save even more money with your driving ability.


Similar to a car port, a pergola is an overhang that has multiple uses around your home. These overhangs are often used as a way to create unique looks and add shade around your home. You may use one to place over a garden or on a back patio. Special pergolas can be installed that are lined with solar panels. This is a great way to increase the amount of solar power your home collects without actually taking up any extra space. Pergola installations are great for walkways off a back deck, around a pool, or near an area where you barbecue. These structures are often made of wood, and the solar panels can be mounted right to them.

The whole system can be wired to your current house system or be used exclusively for outdoor things. For example, the solar panels can help power pool pumps, outdoor lights, or exterior electrical outlets used for garden tools and other options. The choice is up to you.

Solar Panel Sheds

Create some extra storage in your backyard while adding the potential for major power growth. If you do not own a shed, you can purchase a shed that comes with solar panels on it already. These sheds are ideal because part of the shed interior is used for housing the solar panel power convertors and battery storage. This will ensure that the elements are protected and kept safe in the area. The solar panel sheds can also be used as a regular storage solution for a number of backyard items and lawn decorations.

Water Docks

If you own property with any type of water on it, then you can take advantage of that extra space. A solar powered water dock can help add full power to your home and fully capture the sun's rays during the days. These floating docks will not only offer great power options, but part of the dock is often left wide open for leisure activities like swimming, lounging, or fishing. The dock can be wired to your home, providing extra power when you need it.

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