2 Reasons To Consider Utilizing a Recycling Service for Your Business

Posted on: 12 July 2017

A recycling service like Norm Gordon & Associates, Inc. can be a great tool to have at your disposal if you run your own business, mostly because a recycling service can help you deal with a lot of the waste produced by your business in a way that is both good for the environment and beneficial to you. Consider these reasons for utilizing a recycling service for your business.

It Is Easy

One reason you should consider utilizing a recycling service for your business is that it is extremely easy. One of the reasons for this is that depending on the type of waste that you want to recycle, there are numerous ways to get your waste materials to the recycling center.

For example, you can schedule a weekly pick up where the recycling center will leave you with a large recycling bin that they will empty out for you. You can also choose to have them come pick up a very large amount of industrial materials as needed, which means that you never have to worry about assigning some of your employees to transport the recyclables to the center. If you do not have a recycling center near you, some of the recycling services will allow you to ship the recyclables to them, although this is typically only a useful resource for small electronics, such as portable batteries, cell phones, and computer components.

It Can Help Make You Money

Another reason to consider utilizing a recycling service for your business is that it can help make you money in numerous ways, such as by allowing you to defray the costs of a construction or expansion project by recycling any scrap materials that were produced during the project. In addition, you can also get some substantial tax benefits for your business if you use a recycling center. For example, the recycling service will often provide you with a receipt stating what kind of materials you turned in and the volume of the materials turned in, which you can provide when you file your taxes. This will result in some tax breaks or discounts that can help you increase your profits for that year.

Contact a recycling service today in order to discuss the various benefits, including those in this article, that they can provide you or your business with and to determine what types of materials they are willing to accept.